The Brennan House serves as the home of Preservation Louisville, which has a full-time executive director and maintains the house and family collection as part of its mission to protect and promote the cultural, architectural and environmental heritage of our community. The house is available to rent for private parties, weddings and corporate events.

The house has a long and rich history in our community. In January 2008, after months of study, the board of The Brennan House Historic Home voted to change the mission of the organization following recommendations from the National Trust for Historic Preservation and local stakeholders, and to add the role of preservation advocacy to its mission. In June 2008, the board chose the name Preservation Louisville Inc. to reflect the importance of historic preservation to this expanded mission: to "Protect and promote the cultural, architectural and environmental heritage of our community." Today, Preservation Louisville focuses on advocacy and education, seeks opportunities to utilize the house as a gathering place and heritage center, and strives to be good stewards by preserving The Brennan House along with the original family collection.

Preservation Louisville is a membership-based, non-profit organization powered by grassroots participation and contributions from generous supporters. The organization serves as a liaison between the public and private sector and also helps monitor and promote preservation-friendly legislation at the local and state level. Preservation Louisville offers a wide range of programming including educational opportunities throughout the year.

Preservation Louisville advocates. We champion the cause of preservation by working with neighborhoods in many ways, such as helping to resolve zoning issues, form neighborhood plans, and petition to have important structures locally landmarked. We support the preservation movement in our community by informing the public of current preservation issues, and working to keep preservation at the forefront of public opinion in proposed neighborhood and community projects. We also work in partnership with local, state and national organizations to promote the preservation of historic resources in the Louisville Metro area.

We played a pivotal role in the preservation of Whiskey Row. We have helped gain landmark status for Bauer's Restaurant, the Wayside Christian Mission properties on East Market Street, and Colonial Gardens in the Iroquois neighborhood. We also assisted in protecting the Ouerbacker House on West Jefferson Street from threatened demolition. And each year we celebrate preservation successes and highlight endangered properties throughout our community in a signature event, announcement of the annual "Top Ten Endangered Places & Top Ten Preservation Successes" lists.

Preservation Louisville educates. We provide educational workshops, technical information and a variety of preservation resources to our members and the community. Our Hands on History workshops are designed to give participants an in-depth look at various preservation topics and methods of maintaining and preserving historic buildings. These include plumbing and plaster repair, designing an addition or renovation, techniques for utilizing "green" technology, and how to research a historic property. Preservation Louisville also partners with the Kentucky Heritage Council to co-sponsor Historic Preservation Tax Credit workshops to help property owners learn how to utilize state and federal historic rehabilitation tax credits. A new program, Preservation S.O.S.: Save Our Shotguns, is an in-depth workshop to educate the community about Metro Louisville's large inventory of historic shotgun houses and the role they played in Louisville's development, including hands-on experience working on an exterior restoration project for a deserving owner of a local shotgun house.

Pizza and Preservation is a grassroots workshop that brings neighborhoods together to learn about Preservation Louisville and how to develop a desire for and understanding of the preservation process. By teaching the public how to preserve their own memories and by gathering neighborhood stories, we build a bond and desire within the community to preserve the structures and history of their neighborhoods.

In hopes of encouraging both students and teachers to embrace the rich culture and heritage embodied in historic buildings and neighborhoods, and to engage young people in the work we do, Preservation Louisville created an in-class program that educates students about the vital role of historic preservation in our communities. Preservation Education! helps promote understanding of the importance of historic preservation in hopes of encouraging youth to become involved in preservation as a lifelong pursuit. This program ties in with the Kentucky Department of Education's Core Content standards and meets 5 out of 7 assessment points for the Social Studies.

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